Roll right over your enemies with Panzer Geekz for Windows Phone


Panzer Geekz is not your typical combat Windows Phone game. You command a World War II tank in a capture-the-flag-styled game. The goal is to capture your enemy’s flag, destroy their troop lines and for good measure crush anything else in sight.

Sounds like your typical tank battle game, right? The twist with Panzer Geekz is that instead of blasting your way through the enemy with your tank’s cannon, you reach ramming speed and crush your enemy.

Panzer Geekz is one of the more recent releases from Game Troopers and is a Xbox gaming title for Windows Phone. Described as a fusion between racing, bowling, Angry Birds and pinball games, after spending a little time with Panzer Geekz we can see the similarities. It’s a great addition to Game Trooper’s portfolio and a fun game to pass the time with.

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