ReCore: Definitive Edition update now available, prior to August 29 release


Ready to jump back in ReCore? Xbox One and Windows 10 owners can already download the Definitive Edition update today.

Earlier this month, as a part of its Gamescom 2017 live show, Microsoft announced ReCore: Definitive Edition – a reworked version of last year’s puzzle-platformer. While adding new content such as the “T8-NK” bot and “Eye of Obsidian” missions, the re-release also aims to improve upon the criticisms of the initial release with a slew of bug fixes.

While ReCore: Definitive Edition isn’t scheduled to release until August 29, it already appears existing owners can get hands-on today. The free update, that upgrades all previous copies to the Definitive Edition, is now available on both Xbox One and Windows 10 devices.

While on Xbox One you’ll be downloading a 6.44 GB update, the Windows 10 release adds an additional 16.05 GB upon the base game. Upon downloading the update on these devices, you’ll be prompted to automatically upgrade your save file for the new version – a step required to bring your existing progress forward. From this point onward, you’ll be free to explore all the new content introduced in the free update, prior to its retail release on August 29.

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