Razer Junglecat review: An essential tool for Xbox Game Streaming & Project XCloud


The Razer Junglecat solves one of Xbox Game Streaming’s most frustrating ergonomic issues. For a price.

One of my biggest worries about Xbox Game Streaming and Project XCloud has been the lack of ergonomics when it comes to mobile gaming. Touch screen controls are an absolute pain to get accustomed to if you’re used to a mouse and keyboard, or a gamepad. Millions (billions?) think it’s fine, but I sure as hell don’t, and neither do the millions of core gamers Microsoft is hoping to entice with its nascent game streaming services.

That’s when the Razer Junglecat caught my eye. This Nintendo Switch-like gamepad docks into a compatible mobile phone case, complete with transforming joysticks. The sticks can be docked separately for a more traditional controller experience, or on the sides of a range of specially-designed cases for mobile devices. And hey, it’s compatible with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Gaming, which launched on September 15, 2020.

I took it for a spin, and came away feeling like I’d caught a glimpse at the future of gaming on mobile devices. Though, the experience is not perfected (yet). As such, you may want to see if you can grab it for a lower price during the Amazon Prime Day sale. The typical retail price is $100, but it may be discounted if you keep an eye on the Junglecat’s store page during the festivities.

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