Razer Firefly Light-up Mouse Mat review


Serious Windows PC gamers likely own gaming mice and gaming keyboards (such as the Corsair STRAFE), all in the name of enhancing their gaming experience and getting more frags. Seriously, PC guys love their frags. One gaming peripheral that often goes neglected, though, is the actual mouse pad/mat. I mean, your mouse technically works on a cheap mouse pad or maybe even a bare desk, right?

Gaming mouse surfaces do affect mouse performance, though. San Diego-based accessory giant Razer offers some gaming mouse mats for different budgets and needs. One of their two top mats is the Razer Firefly Hard Gaming Mouse Mat. The Firefly boasts Chroma lighting, a generous 14 x 10-inch size, and a hard surface made especially for gaming – all for sixty bucks. Read our full review with video to find out just what a difference this pricey mouse mat makes!

Source: Windows

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