Rainbow Six Siege's rampant cheating to be addressed this week


Ubisoft plans to finally address Rainbow Six Siege’s growing issue of hackers and cheaters.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has seen unprecedented growth over recent years and now sits among the top first-person shooters on the market. Between its tense tactical gameplay and unique Operator roster, the game has amassed over 35 million players as of E3 2018.

Alongside this growth, new problems have arisen for Rainbow Six Siege. While its content is more established than ever, the game is rife with hackers, griefers, and exploits. Ubisoft’s integration of the BattlEye third-party anti-cheat system has deterred cheaters, but the game still remains highly exploitable, especially on Windows PCs.

Ubisoft has announced plans to soon address these concerns, responding to a fan on Twitter. An announcement is currently slated for Friday, July 6, where the team plans to “address the current state of cheating” in-game.

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