Rainbow Six Siege patch 4.1 brings further Operator changes


Rainbow Six Siege’s 4.1 patch focuses on balancing, with changes to Kaid, Nomad, IQ, and Valkyrie.

Following the launch of Operation Wind Bastion, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is on track to receive a new mid-season update. Bringing general refinements to the Moroccan-themed season, the Y3S4.1 Patch packs further Operator balancing, alongside gameplay tweaks and fixes.

The new patch means more changes for Wind Bastion’s newly-added duo, implementing loadout tweaks for Kaid and Nomad. For Nomad, this means a switch from stun grenades to a claymore, doubling down on her trap abilities. For the claw-wielding defender, his .44 Mag Semi Auto has increased recoil and reduce damage, making for a hefty nerf. Existing Operators, Valkyrie and IQ, also see tweaks to improve overall gameplay.

The Y3S4.1 Patch is currently set for a December 17 release on PC, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to follow on December 18, 2018. As posted to the Rainbow Six blog, check the full patch notes below:

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