Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky: Hands-on with Clash and Maverick


Rainbow Six Siege’s next update, Operation Grim Sky, brings two promising Operators to its roster. We’ve wrapped up our initial impressions after three hours of hands-on time.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is about to secure its next major expansion, with the arrival of “Operation Grim Sky.” Firmly into the game’s third year of post-launch support, the update continues to build on the game’s successful tactical shooter formula.

Like previous Rainbow Six Siege updates, Operation Grim Sky is on track to deliver two new playable Operators. Ubisoft is set to implement Operators from separate counterterrorism units (CTUs) simultaneously, in a similar vein to March’s Operation Chimera. Other highlights include a facelift of Hereford Base, tweaks to Consulate, and various other changes.

After three hours hands-on with Operation Grim Sky prior to its reveal, Rainbow Six Siege’s future continues to look promising.

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