Rainbow Six Siege leak details more loot boxes and gadgets in the works


A recent leak explores Rainbow Six Siege’s future, with loot boxes and gadgets potentially on the way.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is on track to soon receive a new wave of content, under the upcoming “Operation Para Bellum” expansion. Pitched as one of its biggest updates yet, the game is set to receive new playable Operators, two multiplayer maps, and major reworks of existing systems. And while its public debut is expected next month, select PC users can already play through the pre-release Technical Test Server (TTS) client.

While Ubisoft’s focus lies with Operation Para Bellum, details are surfacing on what lies ahead. A Reddit user has reportedly uncovered references to unannounced content through TTS files, citing new Operator gadgets, alongside future loot box systems in the works.

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