Rainbow Six Siege Jager guide: Gadget tips and best weapon loadout


If you’re not giving the enemy a hard time as Jager, you’re doing it wrong. Our guide will help you do it right.

Defensive operator Jager plays two roles: on the one hand, he’s your anti-grenade guy, slapping his gadgets around the place to make sure your anchoring operators don’t catch a frag grenade to the face.

After they’re set up, he transitions to a roamer with a great loadout, ambushing the incoming attackers with his monstrous 416-C Carbine. But, he’s not one to fire and forget: here are our tips for getting the best out of this devastating attacker.

Understanding Jager

Marius ‘Jager’ Stretcher has a cool name, and a cool gadget. The German hailed from the GSG 9 counter-terrorism unit, and he’s been a constant part of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege‘s meta since launch.

Category Spec
Ability ADS-MKIV “Magpie”
Primary 416-C
Secondary P12
Gadget Barbed wire
Bulletproof Camera
Armor 1/3
Speed 3/3
Price free

He’s been hit with repeated nerfs, but he’s near omnipresent in the game’s competitive and casual scene because you just can’t deny how useful he is in play. As a three-speed, one armor operator, he moves fast but goes down hard if you get caught out.

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