Rainbow Six Siege Burnt Horizon's new map heads to the Outback


Rainbow Six Siege is headed to the red desert in its latest multiplayer map – Outback.

With Ubisoft gearing up for a full reveal of the next update for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, its Australian multiplayer map “Outback” has debuted. Shipping alongside Year 4’s Operation Burnt Horizon, the new locale heads to the red desert, exploring a distressed service station and motel.

Outback splits into three distinct sectors; the Garage, Motel, and Restaurant. Each area sports an individual color palette, with lighting and geometry used to shape map flow. Rainbow Six Siege assistant level design director, Jacques Wong, describes the map similarly to Oregon and Clubhouse, indicating tight interior encounters with some verticality.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon is shaping up as a promising start to the game’s 2019 updates. Prior leaks indicate two new Operators are on the horizon, Mozzie and Gridlock, likely set for a formal reveal in the coming days.

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