Quantum Break's arrival on PC won't hurt the Xbox One


This week, Microsoft announced that its upcoming third-person shooter, Quantum Break, will be seeing a PC release. Some Xbox fans didn’t take the news well.

Despite being previously advertised as an in-house exclusive to the Xbox One, Quantum Break will now be available on Windows 10, parallel with the console release on April 5th. Alongside this announcement it was revealed that digital pre-orders will be paired with complimentary copies of Alan Wake and its DLC via Xbox One backwards compatibility. Pre-orders also include a pre-paid code for Quantum Break via the Windows 10 Store, which supports cross-platform save syncing with the Xbox One version. This is a similar model to Microsoft’s existing cross-buy feature, which enables certain purchases and game data to be unified across the Microsoft ecosystem, translating between multiple Windows 10 devices.

The announcement was followed by a surprising backlash from die-hard Xbox fans, who claimed it signalled Microsoft’s lack of devotion to the Xbox One. Some fanatics went as far to address directly Xbox head Phil Spencer, claiming that they were cancelling their Quantum Break pre-orders to express their stance on the practice.

On the surface, it may seem that Microsoft is refocusing efforts towards the growing PC gaming market, but a much deeper scheme is currently in play.

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