Q&A: Exploring how Imperia Online fits into the Windows ecosystem


Imperia Online is a free-to-play medieval-themed RTS from Bulgarian game developer Imperia Online Ltd and after ten years on the market, the title has gained a huge following across the globe. Initially started as an online browser-based experience, the game has rapidly expanded over the years, offering a universal experience across a range of differing devices and platforms. With an already established presence on Windows Phone, this makes the game a perfect candidate for a Windows 10 universal app.

In collaboration with mobile publisher Game Troopers, the company brought its flagship title to the Windows Phone, boasting Xbox Live integration. Now the duo is bringing Imperia Online onto Windows PCs, in the form of a Windows 10 universal application.

I spoke with COO of Imperia Online Ltd, Cvetan Rusimov, to discuss their experience when expanding into Microsoft’s ecosystem and what the future may hold for Imperia Online.

Matt Brown, Windows Central: For those who don’t know, who are Imperia Online Ltd?

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