Pit People, from the makers of Castle Crashers, brings creativity to the strategy genre


Pit People is a weird and wonderful in all the right ways.

Pit People, the next game from the makers of the delightful Castle Crashers, is wild, beautiful, and just plain fun to play. San Diego-based indie developer The Behemoth has released three console/PC games so far: Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, and BattleBlock Theater. Two of those games were downright excellent, and all three demonstrated endless creativity. In fact, I named Castle Crashers Remastered as one of the best Xbox One Games of 2015. Pit People, the Behemoth game formerly known as Game 4, has every chance of living up to that legacy.

During the Xbox Spring Showcase, we had a chance to play Pit People. Every Behemoth game falls into a different genre. This one is a fast-paced strategy game with a wildly inventive story, fantastic artwork, fully animated cinematics, and even co-op play. And most excitingly for Windows fans, it will be both cross-buy and cross-save on Xbox One and Windows 10! Read on for detailed impressions and our interview and gameplay video.

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