Oxenfree for Windows 10 is currently 75% off!


Right now you can score the great Oxenfree for Windows 10 for 75% off, dropping the price to just $5. This Windows 10 game offers some basic yet stunning gameplay and can provide hours of great entertainment for you. Being an Xbox Live title, you’ll have tons of achievements to gain through the game, and the game has nice graphics and great audio. Not familiar with Oxenfree for Windows 10 or why you should consider it? Don’t worry!

From our review:

Oxenfree is graphically very simple, yet in its own unique way absolutely stunning. The characters are the characters, they’re nothing particularly special, but it’s the environment that really sells the experience. Edwards Island is mysterious, packed with fear and intrigue, and the visuals scream this.

When the game was priced at $20, it was a great value. Now priced at just $5 for a limited time, that deal just got even better, and there is really no good reason not to pick it up and try it out.

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