Outward Xbox One review: A groundbreaking, yet flawed, open-world RPG


Outward has bold ideas, but it doesn’t execute the fundamentals as well as it should.

In most role-playing games (RPGs) you start out the same way: You control a Chosen One-type character, and it’s up to you to save the world from whatever universe-threatening force has risen to power. Outward, a new game on Xbox One, breaks that mold by putting you into the shoes of an everyday commoner. This adds a lot of unique and interesting challenges to the gameplay that help make Outward stand out amongst its peers, and in this regard, the game is excellent.

However, Outward is sadly held back by some issues with the fundamental aspects of gameplay, such as how combat feels and how the open world areas are designed. These problems don’t ruin the game, but they definitely detract from the experience. Even so, though, Outward is a title that has a lot of really awesome concepts, and overall, it does more right than wrong.

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