Original Xbox title 'Phantom Dust' hits Xbox One and Windows 10 tomorrow, for free!


Original Xbox JRPG Phantom Dust has risen from the dead, and it will launch on Xbox One tomorrow for free.

Phantom Dust is an action RPG from the original Xbox era. Phantom Dust isn’t a remake, and perhaps shouldn’t even be considered a remaster, due to the way the engine was hard-coded for the original Xbox. It is instead a port, with some additional free-to-play features.

As a game both with a single player campaign and a competitive multiplayer mode, Phantom Dust fits well into Microsoft’s efforts to create service-driven games, as one of the earliest console titles with a deck-building card system powering its ability systems.

Phantom Dust will hit Xbox One and Windows 10 both tomorrow, as a free Xbox Play Anywhere title, complete with progression syncing and roaming in-app purchases.

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