OnePlus 7 reportedly won’t have wireless charging or a 21:9 screen


OnePlus only has a small presence at MWC 2019. It’s showing off a 5G prototype but not making any full product announcements, but that hasn’t meant there’s not new rumors and news about the OnePlus 7.

First up, if you were hoping the OnePlus 7 would support wireless charging, you’re probably going to be out of luck.

This is a feature that OnePlus has so far resisted and that looks set to continue, as in an interview the company’s CEO Pete Lau told CNET that "OnePlus charging is one of the best" and "wireless charging is far inferior."

He didn’t appear to outright deny that the feature would land on the OnePlus 7, but those comments certainly suggest it won’t.

One day there may well be a OnePlus phone with wireless charging though, as the company is known to be working on it. But OnePlus doesn’t seem interested in supporting it until it’s faster and conducts less heat.

Not following in Sony's footsteps

In other, less official news, it seems that despite the company’s 5G prototype seemingly having a 21:9 screen, the final handset – which may or may not be the OnePlus 7 – apparently won’t.

That’s according to Roland Quandt, a leaker with a strong track record, so while it’s just a rumor for now there’s a fair chance that he’s right.

Depending on how you feel about the 21:9 Sony Xperia 1 that could be good or bad news for you, but we should know for sure what aspect ratio the screen has soon as the OnePlus 7 is likely to land in mid-2019. 

If the 5G prototype ends up being a different device from OnePlus, we’d expect that to land fairly soon as well.

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Source: TechRadar

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