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Since its release, the iPhone XR has been our go-to, favourite iPhone. That's thanks to its combination of jaw-dropping specs and relative affordability. But like most other Apple products, the price will still put many potential buyers off. Despite being on the market for well over half a year, iPhone XR deals have remained slightly higher than most consumers' budgets…until recently.

A deal from dangled the iPhone XR in front of us with monthly prices of £37, way below the average. Then recently, the upfront price was slashed all the way down to just £50 (or £40 if you apply our code 10OFF) making this one of those standout mobile phone deals you can't let slip by. And you don't even have to scrimp on data or calls.

We've listed this tantalising offer down below so you can see it in full. But we can tell you now, no iPhone deals comes near this. It's a price so good, even some Android phone fans might turn their heads. 


This bargain slashed-price iPhone XR deal

iPhone XR deals: Save with refurb

If 'refurbished' isn't a dirty word to you, you could save a tonne of money going down that route. With an iPhone XR coming in at £31 a month and £65 upfront (with our code 10OFF) this is the cheapest iPhone XR out there. 

It comes from which means that although it is classified as refurbished, it is still practically brand new and most likely simply returned within someones trial period.

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