Now Broadband is offering one of the cheapest broadband and TV deals around


Getting broadband alone at a cheap price is easy. There are loads of providers out there battling it out for the lowest price, but where that affordability drops out is when you start to consider broadband and TV deals instead.

With some of the priciest providers – Sky, Virgin and BT mainly – being the big names for internet and TV packages, it is no surprise that you can quickly rack up some big bills on your plan.

However, one provider does skip this trend – offering the addition of TV services for a lot less, and that provider is Now Broadband. Okay, you're not technically getting TV in the traditional sense. Instead, you get Now's Entertainment pass and by getting it with your internet you save roughly 33% on the cost of the pass.

With this, you don't get TV channels but instead you get access to over 300 box sets, all on-demand. That includes shows like Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, Modern Family and other shows from the likes of Sky Atlantic, Fox and Comedy Central.

Obviously, if you want access to traditional TV, films or even sports this will not be the package for you. But if you just want internet and access to some top TV shows, you can find out more below.

Now Broadband and TV deals in full:

What do I get with the Sky Entertainment pass

Sky's Entertainment pass is all about boxsets – 300 of them to be exact. With a host of award winning shows including Bob's Burgers, Modern Family, Parks and Recreations and True Blood, you will stay entertained for quite a while.

The pass brings in the latest shows from channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Comedy Central, Vice and Nat Geo Wild.

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