Most Relaxing Xbox One Games 2019


Stressed out after a work week? Ready to drop everything and get your game on? Fancy something a little less involved? We have you covered. While any game can be relaxing, sometimes you might want something a little easier on the synapses for a truly chilled experience. Here are our picks for most-satisfying, least-taxing Xbox One games to date.

Legos and chill


Staff pick

Minecraft is one of the best chill-out games of all time, with both creative and survival modes to tailor the level of challenge to you. Zone out, smash some trees, build a house, build a castle, plunder underwater tombs, or create entire cities. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless.

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Build a city

Cities: Skylines

A personal favorite, Cities: Skylines is the all-time greatest city builder, and it’s available on Xbox One complete with intuitive controls and piles of additional DLC to extend your experience. Cities: Skylines allows you to build the city of your dreams, complete with bustling industry, high-volume commerce zones, and scenic suburbs.

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