Mordhau is the best new PC game of 2019 that you haven't heard of


Bloody, brutal, and raw, Mordhau is one of the most fun melee titles ever created.

For years, the only quality multiplayer medieval game on the market has been Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. While Chivalry is undoubtedly a good game, it’s also one that has aged rather poorly. Many of its mechanics are vulnerable to exploits, the overall feel of the game is sluggish, and the presentation is quite dated in terms of both visuals and audio.

Fear not, however. A spiritual successor has arrived: Mordhau, a title that masterfully combines a Battlefield-style sandbox with deep, nuanced mechanics systems, and then wraps it all up with solid graphics and some of the best sound design in gaming. And while Mordhau isn’t perfect, it has an incredible foundation to build upon.

For glory!


The next big hit

Mordhau combines a Battlefield-style sandbox with nuanced, deep combat mechanics, resulting in an addictive and engaging multiplayer experience.

$30 at Steam

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