Momonga, a squirrely pinball game (that's a good thing) for Windows Phone and Windows 10


Game Troopers is one of the hardest working Windows 10 developers out there. They have churned out a respectable collection of Windows Phone and Windows 10 games that you can easily lose track of time with. Momonga is one of their more recent offerings and delivers a unique pinball game to the Stores.

The storyline behind the game has a group of owl bandits raiding the peaceful village of the momongas, a tribe of flying squirrels. During the raid, the owl bandits kidnap every momonga except one, the young Momo. Momo is rescued by a Panda who trains him to fight the owls and save his tribe. You accomplish this by tackling a series of pinball games.

I took the Windows Phone version of Momonga out for a test drive and found it to be a solid game. Graphics are well drawn up and game play is challenging. Momonga lives up to the quality games we have come to expect from Game Troopers.

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