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What must I check before I order?

Can I order in my Country?
What are WAP Settings & WAP Setup?
How do I place my order?
How does the game get to my mobile phone?
I placed an order but did not receive my game
Our Customer Satisfaction guarantee



What must I check before I order?
This is what you need to check:

  • You have WAP capability
  • Ensure that the game/product you want to order is compatible with your phone (shown on each page)
  • You have enough battery power and memory space to download games
  • Your network allows you to download games & other content from any site

The download can take a couple of minutes and most games use around 60KB of memory. As some games take up more memory than this, we would recommend that you have at least 100KB of memory space to ensure you receive your game.



Can I order in my country?
Although we are a UK company you can order from any country that is supported by PayPal (our international payment & credit/debit card system) so long as your Mobile Operator supports WAP access and it is set-up on your phone. Currently the following countries are supported:

Note- Important: When ordering it is essential you enter your mobile number in full international format.

Here is a list of country codes
In most countries mobile numbers start with a zero & the easiest way to remember international formatting is "replace the zero with the country code".

Here are a few examples:
UK - 07657345987 becomes 447657345987
USA - 5435647890 becomes 15435647890
DENMARK - 024215712 becomes 4524215712
NEW ZELAND - 0211238815 becomes 64211238815
AUSTRALIA - 0211238815 becomes 61211238815


What are WAP Settings?
WAP allows content to be viewed on a mobile phone. Most new phones are WAP enabled and come with the operator's WAP settings.
We would recommend that you use operator settings when downloading our games.

Or, here are a list of direct links for various countries' operators WAP settings pages:



T-Mobile DE
Vodafone DE
E-Plus DE
Debitel DE
Victorvox DE
Mobilecom DE

Tele-Danmark Mobil A/S
Telia A/S Denmark
Mobilix A/S (Orange)

Vodafone ES
Amena ES
Telefonic ES

Telia Mobile AB
Radiolinja OY
Finnet Group
Sonera Corporation

Vodafone GB
Virgin Mobile
T-Mobile GB
Orange GB

Eircell Ltd
Esat Digifone

Telecom Italia Mobile
Omnitel Pronto Italia
Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA

Libertel Netwerk B.V
KPN Mobile The Netherlands BV
Telfort B.V
Ben Netherlands B.V
Dutchtone N.V

Telenor Mobil AS
NetCom GSM A.S

Polkomtel S.A
Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa
PTK Centertel
Telecel Communicacoes
Optimus Telecomunicacoes, S.A
Telecomunicacoes Moveis Nacionais S.A

Telia AB
Tele 2
Europolitan AB


How do I place my order?
Note the ID code of the game/product you would like. You can then order by:

  • PayPal (Any country) - you can order from any country using PayPal and this option also allows you to use credit/debit cards. After your first order using PayPal you are assigned an account and buying further games is as easy as entering you username/password. PayPal is the Ebay trusted payments provider. Be sure to enter your mobile number in full international format to receive your game.
  • Premium rate phone number (UK only) - dial the number shown on the game page and follow the instructions.
  • SMS (UK only) - follow the instructions shown on the game/product page you are on.


How does the game get to my mobile phone?
After you've ordered your game/product, there are various things that could happen depending on what and how you have ordered

  • If you're UK based & ordered by SMS or Telephone you'll receive a link to your phone to download. When you open this message, you will get an option to Retrieve the game. After about 20 seconds you will be shown a description of the game. You must now select dnload to download your game. After the download completes (allow up to 60 seconds) you will get the message application saved.
  • If you've paid by PayPal for a game you should receive a link to your phone. (Note: games which are shown as not available for purchase by SMS or Telephone are generally only confirmed by e-mail.) If the link to your game/product is only confirmed by e-mail then type the address sent to you into the WAP browser of your phone - do not click the link in the email otherwise it will expire - Please note for some products which require activation keys, these are also sent in the confirmation e-mail. Ensure you do not have a SPAM filter on which might block these e-mails.
  • If you've ordered a product which is sent by Post, you'll simply receive a confirmation email and your product by post.

NOTE: If there is insufficient memory on your phone you will be asked if you want to delete some existing applications. Highlight the applications you no longer need from the list presented and delete. The game is now stored in your Applications Menu and you can play it as often as you like.


I placed an order but did not receive my game
Check your Service/Alert Inbox. (Usually 'Services' then 'Service Inbox' on the menu)
Sometimes the service message goes directly in here and you may think you have not received it. If the message is here you can use it to retrieve and download the game.

"The link hasn't arrived to my phone" - If you have paid by PayPal then check your confirmation E-mail sent to the e-mail address registered with PayPal. Otherwise log-in to your customer account (see below).
"IM Messenger/Remote Control link not sent to my phone" - With these products a link is not sent to the phone. All information is sent to your PayPal e-mail address because you also need the unlock code to activate the software. Check your e-mail account used on your paypal account. Otherwise log-in to your customer account (see below).
"Ringtones or Wallpaper link not sent to my phone" (PayPal orders only) - With these products a link is not sent to the phone. All information is sent to your PayPal e-mail address with the WAP page you need to access to download your purchase/s. Check your e-mail account used on your paypal account. Otherwise log-in to your customer account (see below).
"Ringtones or Wallpaper link not sent to my phone" (SMS orders only) - Check your Service Inbox. For Pay-as-you-go customers make sure you have at least £3.00 of credit on your phone. Otherwise log-in to your customer account (see below).
"Page says link has expired" - with all of our products the WAP link 'dies' once you have accessed it or after a certain time period. Otherwise log-in to your customer account (see below) and post a support request.
"Get the error message - Game/Application does not exist for your phone type" - you have ordered a product that does not work on your phone model. Always check before ordering that your specific phone model is listed on that page.
"I don't have WAP settings or cannot use WAP" - as per our order instructions you must be able to use WAP on your phone to order as this is how we deliver products.

If you do not receive the service message in a reasonable length of time please contact us and let us know the following information:
-The make and model of your phone
-Your mobile number
-The ID number or name of the game you ordered
-Your network operator

With every order a customer account is created with transaction history, WAP links, loyalty credits and Technical Support. Please go HERE to log in to your account. Use the Forgot/TellMe password feature if you do not know yours.


Our Customer Satisfaction guarantee?
Word of mouth is some of our strongest advertising. We guarantee that, so long as you have followed these instructions, if you cannot download or receive your game satisfactorily we will either refund you in full or replace your choice with another game of equal value.

Our support team aim to respond to all enquiries as soon as possible (within UK office hours) and provide 100% satisfaction.




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