MLB: The Show goes multiplatform, confirmed for Xbox (update)


It’s been a PlayStation Exclusive since 1997.

What you need to know

  • MLB: The Show is a popular baseball franchise from Sony.
  • It’s been a PlayStation Exclusive for many years.
  • The Major League Baseball organization said it’s going multiplatform by 2021.
  • It’s probably going to land on Project Scarlett and Nintendo Switch.

Updated December 10, 2019: The official Xbox Twitter account basically confirmed the Xbox version of the game.

MLB: The Show is an incredibly popular baseball franchise from Sony Interactive Entertainment. It’s regarded as one of the best PlayStation Exclusive series out there and garners fantastic reviews every year. From the looks of it, it’s no longer going to be a multiplatform game. Today, Major League Baseball (MLB) announced that future iterations would be available on other consoles by as early as 2021.

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