Mixer's deal with Ninja is a huge game streaming coup for Microsoft — but why?


Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, via Twitter

Many Microsoft fans will be sitting around wondering “Who the hell is Ninja?” Here’s why Ninja’s defection is a big win for Microsoft, and a huge salvo against Amazon.

Ninja just defected from Amazon’s Twitch to Microsoft’s Mixer, bringing along a gargantuan audience and a pile of influence along with it. The flip is a big win for Microsoft’s fledgling streaming platform, which has been growing steadily since it joined the Xbox family.

After stuff like Groove Music, Kinect, and other half-hearted, canceled efforts from Microsoft’s consumer segment, you’d be forgiven for wondering whether Redmond was truly serious about game streaming. Ninja’s recruitment should silence the naysayers, though, and prove that Microsoft is serious about giving Mixer a real chance at hitting the big leagues.

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