Minecraft Windows 10: What is the Nether?


The Nether is Minecraft’s answer to hell.

It’s perhaps not one of the lowest circles as Dante would have us imagine, but the Nether is still pretty grim. There are large numbers of powerful enemies, capable of killing you in a couple of hits if you’re taken unawares. The environment is mostly unfriendly; it’s dark, everything is on fire, lava cascades from the ceiling and pools on the floor as though it was Satan’s personal hot tub and the large veins of soul sand everywhere slows you down. Why, oh why would you go there?

Getting to The Nether

If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to build a Nether portal to get there. You might feel like you could dig your way down, but trust us, this is a lot easier.

What is in the Nether?

The majority of blocks surrounding you will be netherrack. This is a dark red color with darker bands running through it, and if it catches alight, will burn indefinitely. The good thing about going to the Nether is that you can get by without torches, despite the low light levels. Since the netherrack will burn forever, and it makes up a huge percent of your local resource in the Nether, you can leave a trail of flaming blocks behind you in order to mark your way.

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