Minecraft "Better Together" FAQ: Xbox and Windows questions answered


Microsoft just announced the “Better Together” beta for Minecraft on Windows 10, allowing users to test out a slew of new features.

The Better Together update is the first step to the full unification of Minecraft, across Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 devices, Android, and iOS, allowing players to build together in shared worlds. The classic Java-based PC version won’t be joining the party due to limitations of the engine, and Sony’s PlayStation version won’t be joining due to the company’s long-standing policy of blocking cross-platform play.

For information on how to join the beta (available now on Windows 10, later on Xbox One), head over to here. If you’ve got some questions about how the update will work for Windows 10 and Xbox One users, Microsoft has provided some answers. Here are the most pertinent ones for Windows 10 and Xbox.

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