Microsoft's Casual Games team on how it keeps old-school Solitaire feeling new



Exploring the future of casual-play games at Microsoft.

Recently, Microsoft Solitaire was inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame, in tribute to the fact that it is one of the most broadly-played games in the world. Being bundled free with Windows for more than 20 years, Solitaire is installed on billions of devices and enjoys an active audience in the tens of millions.

Typically when we think of video games, we look at the big Hollywood-style blockbusters vacuuming up all the hype and ad space, but there is a ton of innovation happening on the casual games side, too. Nintendo recently received praise for its Switch-exclusive Tetris 99, which puts a battle royale competitive spin on the legendary casual puzzle game. Microsoft seems to be increasing its investment in this area, as well, putting out a casual spin on its Forza racing franchise with Forza Street, and a fun, tactical take on Gears of War, dubbed Gears POP!, is set to follow in the future.

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