Microsoft cracks down on Minecraft Earth Android APKs


Unauthorized Minecraft Earth installations are getting the boot from Android beta tests.

What you need to know

  • The Minecraft Earth closed beta is now available on Android, following its iOS debut.
  • Some Minecraft Earth users now face errors following unauthorized downloads.

The Minecraft Earth beta recently expanded to Android, bringing Microsoft’s upcoming augmented reality (AR) adventure to a fresh wave of devices. The ongoing tests saw over a month of early iOS trials, locked down to Apple’s TestFlight program for pre-release applications.

An Android expansion brings new challenges for developer Mojang, combating the varied lineup of phones embracing its ecosystem. The flexibility of Google’s operating system also opens an opportunity for third-party APK downloads, with users extracting Minecraft Earth’s installation package for unauthorized distribution online. Overlooking the obvious security concerns of third-party installations, the APK bypasses the nature of Microsoft’s limited access ahead of launch.

Source: Windows

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