Masters of Anima Xbox One review: An excellent blend of genres


Masters of Anima for the Xbox One is a unique top-down hack-and-slash RPG that stands out completely from the crowd.

Hack-and-slash role-playing games (RPGs) have been a gaming staple for years now, with franchises such as Diablo and The Witcher leading the way and proving that cutting virtual foes to pieces is pretty damn fun. However, many of these games have come to feel stale over time; more often then not, you’re doing little more than mashing the attack button.

Masters of Anima breaks that monotonous feeling. While you will undoubtedly be wailing on baddies, you also have several different types of units that you can order around, like a real-time strategy game. This blend of two very different genres works excellently, and as a result, Masters of Anima is a fresh and fun experience from start to finish.

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