'Lossless Scaling' Steam app makes PC gaming on 4K displays less painful


As a Surface Book 2 gamer, I’m persistently frustrated by issues stemming from the high-resolution display Microsoft slapped into the PC. This new Steam app makes things a bit easier.

For those with experience gaming on the Surface Book 2, you’ll know that the 4K (horizontal) display resolution in the device is a constant source of frustration. Despite the GTX 1060 GPU and quad-core processing, the power draw on the Book 2 is simply too much to run intensive 3D programs, leading to battery drain even when it’s plugged in. As such, one method you can use to offset this problem is to lower the native resolution of the screen, which reduces the amount of power needed.

Having to downscale and upscale the Surface Book 2 display resolution every time you want to play a game, though, is annoying. And even for those who are using 4K external monitors with PCs that are equipped for intensive gaming sessions, higher resolution displays can cause a range of issues with older games that were designed when 1080p (or less) was the new hotness.

Thankfully, a developer stepped up to offer a solution. And it’s rather good. Say hi to Lossless Scaling.

Source: Windows

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