Losing Gears POP! microtransaction purchases? You're not alone.


Gears POP! players aren’t happy about flaky microtransactions.

Gears POP! recently saw its mobile debut, putting an adorable spin on Microsoft’s third-person shooter franchise. With the fifth Xbox One installment two weeks from launch, the series’ free-to-play spinoff fuses its burly cast with Funko’s lovable vinyl figures, wrapped in gameplay comparable to Clash Royale.

Embracing traits of collectible card, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, Gears POP! sees players assemble a roster of units, and battle in multiplayer matches. The on-the-go experience supports itself with microtransactions, a common hallmark of the mobile market, allowing players to purchase randomized loot boxes and currencies for an in-game advantage.

Gears POP! has officially launched but a nasty bug is now reportedly leaving some users out of pocket. We’re seeing multiple reports of broken microtransactions across the app, mischarging users and failing to deliver purchased items.

One Gears POP! user took to Twitter outlining his experience, purchasing the “Welcome Bundle,” followed by an on-screen error. Reviewing his Microsoft account reportedly found three erroneous charges, with the paid items failing to display in-game. We’re also seeing similar reports, where users are unable to see their purchased content.

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