London held the only Call of Duty World League for 2019 outside the U.S. with a superb crowd


Free esports burritos. Yum.

The British show the world how a proper esports tournament is hoisted with an amazing, lively crowd and a production team who are able to bounce between gameplay and camera action to get the most out of the in-house experience.

There’s a riot … at Riot Games

More than 150 employees at video game developer and publisher Riot Games walked out of offices to band together and protest against sexism and forced arbitration, following Riot Games attempting to block multiple gender discrimination lawsuits. The aim of the walkout is to force Riot Games to retract the “motion for forced arbitration in active suits.”

It’s both positive to see employees standing up against such practices, but also saddening that such walkouts are required for companies to operate in an acceptable manner with the workforce in mind.

Source: Windows

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