Lenovo's clever hack to bring VR to every game


The biggest hurdle facing VR right now is a lack of content, and Lenovo has a smart way to fix that.

Lenovo’s new Entertainment Hub brings your all television, movies, and games into one easy-to-use app, combining local and streaming media in one place. But that’s far from the coolest thing that it does — it mixes for VR for video and games in a quite clever way.

When it comes to watching video, the Lenovo Entertainment Hub puts you into a virtual movie theater. That’s not anything different than what both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have done — you get a perfect seat in the middle of the theater, but with less resolution than you’d get in real life. But it’s another way to watch a movie in VR, I guess?

Far more interesting is how Lenovo is adapting VR into non-VR games. Essentially it lets the headset’s motion tracking serve as look controls for any first-person game. I donned an HTC Vive and played non-VR game Deus Ex: Human Revolution — Director’s Cut (circa 2013) in VR, turning my head to change where I was looking and aiming in the game, and it worked really well.

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