Learn the story of Gears 5's new Escape mode with the Hivebusters comic books


Gears 5 will introduce a new “Escape” mode to the series, and a new set of comics is launching today to dive into the story behind it.

What you need to know

  • A new comic miniseries explores the story behind Gears 5’s new “Escape” game mode.
  • Called “Hivebusters,” the series is written Kurtis Wiebe, whi previously penned the Rise of RAAM miniseries.
  • The comics follow three new protagonists as they seek to infiltrate and destroy a Swarm hive and exact their revenge.
  • The first entry in the series is available on Amazon now with further entries available for preorder.

Gears 5, the next entry in the long-running Microsoft Studios franchise, is gearing up for its launch on September 10, but you can already get an early look at the story behind one of the game’s modes.

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