Kingdom Hearts III for Xbox One: Everything we know so far


Want to know what’s going on with Kingdom Hearts III for Xbox One? Here’s what we know so far

In the early years of gaming, there were quite a few swings taken at the creation of a game utilizing Disney properties. Most of those games ranged anywhere from unplayable to mediocre in quality.

Then in 2002, Square released Kingdom Hearts on PlayStation 2. Disney fans and gamers rejoiced as they finally had a significant video game with Disney characters. Thus far, there have been a total of nine Kingdom Hearts games but not until 2018 has there been a new title offered on Xbox.

We have been hearing rumblings about Kingdom Hearts III for years, but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for fans of the series. As it stands now, we should see a release toward the end of 2018. However, what do we know about Kingdom Hearts III? Let’s take a look.

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