Kingdom Hearts 3 hands-on: Improved combat and a confusing plot


Kingdom Hearts 3’s combat is better than ever, but your story enjoyment may vary

Kingdom Hearts 3 received a brand new trailer at E3 2018 this year that revealed a world we’ve all logically assumed was in the works: Frozen. We also saw a January 2019 release date at last, and with that date have come multiple playable demos for press, reassuring us that the game is at last nearing completion.

I went hands-on with Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3 2018, playing through a boss battle segment of the Olympus level. Though the Toy Room was an option that I didn’t get to try, I did watch multiple other people in front of me play it through and got an idea of the overall tone of the story too, as there were no dialogue breaks in the Olympus level.

From watching Toy Room and playing Olympus, I came away with a very, very mixed opinion of Kingdom Hearts 3; one that was just the opposite of what I expected. I walked in hoping to love the story and praying the combat was more interesting and fluid than in the past. I walked out rolling my eyes at the story, but wanting to pick the controller back up and smash some more dang Heartless!

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