Just Cause 4 review: A chaotic and addictive open world experience


Rico Rodriguez is back in Just Cause 4, but how far has Avalanche Studios expanded his destructive capabilities since the last game? Turns out, more than I ever expected.

In a day and age where it feels like single-player games need to push grand new ideas and have revolutionary storytelling in order to be successful, sometimes it’s nice to see titles that just focus on being plain fun. I’ve always appreciated Just Cause, Avalanche Studios’ satirical open-world action series, for exactly this reason.

Blowing things up and abusing a silly physics engine in creative ways has an undeniable charm to it, but the last game in the series, Just Cause 3, suffered from feeling a little too repetitive since everything about the open world of Medici felt too structured and cookie cutter.

Thankfully, Just Cause 4’s setting, Solìs, is much more diverse and dynamic than its predecessor. This, combined with a brand new engine and all of the new weapons, vehicles, gadgets, and gameplay systems you can interact with, has lead to what is undoubtedly the best Just Cause game yet.

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