Interview with the Vampyr… Xbox One art director


It’s been a little while since we’ve had a good vampire game. In fact, it’s been an even longer while since we’ve had a vampire game, period.

Vampyr might change that, but it’s been shrouded in the shadows for a while now. We sat down with Gregory Szucs, the game’s art director, to learn more about the upcoming 2017 game.

There are games such as The Elder Scrolls where you can contract vampirism, and then role-play out your days as a sun-shy sneak, and getting hefty nocturnal bonuses, but playing as a vampire and only a vampire? Not for a darn good while, if you want to count the Castlevania Lord of Shadows games. Vampires are often the enemies in games, not so often are they the protagonists. Vampirism in this form in games is usually just a tacked-on experience, something to supplement or play around with until you get bored, but it isn’t the main mechanic of the game.

It’s time to reclaim vampires back from the twinkly world of Twilight and drag them screaming and hissing back into the darkness where they belong.

Vampyr is a single player experience, which sees the player taking the role of Jonathan Reid, a doctor in London during 1918. Here’s how Szucs explained the character:

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