Interference is an interactive drawing game for Windows 10


Interference is a Windows 10 game for and is based on the classic “whispers” or “broken telephone” games.

The game is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, and you can either help identify other players’ pictures or draw a picture based on another player’s description. Each player only has access to the previous drawing or phrase and must build on that attempt to find the correct solution. Games are limited by turn, and at the end of each of them, the completed chain of guesses are revealed to show how confusing or correct the answers have grown.

Interference supports drawing by mouse, pen or touch and is an interesting game that taps into the imagination and creativity of its audience. The Windows 10 game offers a nice challenge for not only your drawing skills but also your ability to decipher sketches. While there is no clear-cut winner to these games, Interference is an entertaining option to spend a little down time with.

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