I don't like Fortnite, but even I got caught up in the 'Black Hole' drama


There’s something to be said about Epic’s marketing chops, and other live-service games should take note.

If you were anywhere near an internet connection this past weekend, chances are Fortnite crossed your radar at least once. Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch were exploding with buzz about the game, and any website that even vaguely covers video games was getting in on the action. Heck, even traditional news stations were focused on the game.

So what was all the hubbub about? Epic pulled the plug on Fortnite. Temporarily, anyway.

Pulling the plug

At the culmination of an event suitably called “The End,” Fortnite players had their games, and even lobbies, sucked into a virtual black hole. Seriously, you can’t play Epic’s cash cow right now no matter how hard you try. When you boot up the game, all you’ll see is a black hole taunting you from a great, dark abyss.

That has been enough to cause everything from outrage from players to hot anticipation across the web. It’s not restricted to Fortnite’s millions of players, either; even those of us who haven’t caught the Fortnite bug are talking about the game. That’s how big of a cultural touchstone this game has become in recent years.

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