How to secure your Skype account against Baidu and LinkedIn spam


Your Skype account maybe vulnerable to hacks. Here are the steps to properly make it more secure.

Lately many Skype users are finding out that their accounts have been used to send numerous spam messages to their contacts and other users. However, this isn’t a security breach problem on Microsoft’s side. Instead, hackers have managed to steal old Skype credentials from users, which doesn’t feature all the security technologies found on a Microsoft account.

It’s been some time since Microsoft has been offering the ability to link Skype with a Microsoft account to make sign-in easier and more secure. Unfortunately, after merging both accounts, Microsoft will keep your original Skype ID and password active, in case you want to access the service using your old credentials.

However, if you used a weak password or someone managed to steal your Skype information, anyone can use that information to gain access to your account.

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