How to rack up the most points with the assault class in Battlefield 1


How do I play as the assault class in Battlefield 1?

The assault class in Battlefield 1 is suited for players who like to confront the enemy up close. They have the best gadgets for taking out tanks and other vehicles and are the only class that can use shotguns. Ready to focus on getting kills rather than reviving friends or handing out ammo? Here’s how to do your best while playing as the assault class in Battlefield 1.

Assault basics

There are some general tips to follow to maximize your potential when playing as the assault class.

Be disposable

Your place on the battlefield is at the front line. When you’re playing as the assault class, expect to die a lot while you try to cap objectives, disable armor, and kill enemy infantry. Don’t make your medic friend rush into a building first — if they die, you’re going to miss out on a revive. Volunteer to take the lead whenever possible. You’ll get more points, both as an individual and as a squad.

Wait for a revive

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