How to get back into Destiny with the Rise of Iron expansion


Destiny is approachable, even if you haven’t played since before The Taken King was released.

Destiny’s second expansion, Rise of Iron was just released and it’s a ton of fun whether you’ve been playing since day one, or you’re just getting started. There is a third category of Destiny players: the lapsed, the folks who played the original game and then wandered away before the first expansion was released.

So you’re hearing how great the new expansion is and you want to get back into Destiny? Here’s what you need to know.

Returning is easy

Bungie has made it really easy to return to the game, even if you’ve been gone for two years. The main aspects of Destiny remain unchanged; basically… shoot everything. If you need a refresher before you jump into the new campaign, you can continue where you left off when you stopped playing.

Granted, doing so means you’ll mow through the waves of baddies with ridiculous ease, but it means that you can remember where all of your controls are. This might not be necessary, but it is handy in a pinch.

Tokens are your friend

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