How to get anointed gear and what it does in Borderlands 3


Anointed gear is some of the rarest and most useful gear you can get your hands on in Borderlands 3. Here’s how to get it, as well as what makes it special.

Borderlands 3 has millions and millions of different unique pieces of gear in it, and one of the rarest pieces of loot that you can acquire in it is called anointed gear, which is an entirely new type of item exclusive to Borderlands 3. In terms of effectiveness and value, it’s similar to other pieces of high-end gear — but how can you get it? Also, what does it even do?

Don’t fret over those questions too much, fellow Vault Hunter, for we are here to help. Here’s our guide to everything you need to know about pieces of anointed gear in Borderlands 3.

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