How to create your own tracks with the Beat Saber Level Editor


As far as VR rhythm games go, Beat Saber might just be everyone’s favorite, and it’s only just moved from its position as a PC Early Access title on Steam and Oculus to a full release. The combined effect of having original tunes pumping in your ears while you’re slicing timed blocks with lightsabers is truly a thrill, and now that an official Level Editor has been released, many people are headed back to see if they can line up their own favorite songs with the red and blue blocks. We jumped in to see what it’s all about, and have put together this guide to help you use the Beat Saber Level Editor.

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How to use the Beat Saber Level Editor

We’re still experimenting with the Beat Saber Level Editor and it will no doubt take quite some time to master it (if ever at all), but we can offer some insight into the 2D interface and what it takes to get your project off the ground. First you need to know how to access the Level Editor.

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