How to cancel an Xbox Live Gold subscription on Xbox One


If you’re not a frequent online gamer, the Xbox One’s premium Xbox Live Gold subscription might not be for you.

Consoles of today are more connected than ever – and the Xbox One is no exception. Xbox Live Gold is the paid subscription for Xbox One gamers, providing full access to Microsoft’s gaming network with a range of exclusive benefits. Access to online multiplayer, discounts, and free games all add value, serving up an essential deal that squeezes the most out of your console.

Despite its value to some gamers, Xbox Live Gold isn’t for everyone. And with that, you might be looking to cancel your subscription. Microsoft doesn’t make it clear, though the steps to canceling are relatively simple once you know where to look.

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By canceling your Xbox Live Gold subscription, understand that you’ll be losing access to all your previous benefits of the service. Going forward multiplayer, Party Chat and other Xbox Live Gold services will be inaccessible, including previously free titles obtained via Games with Gold.

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