How to cancel an EA Access subscription on Xbox One


Not getting the value from your EA Access subscription? Here’s how to pull out of the monthly Xbox One subscription.

EA Access is the all-inclusive subscription from Electronic Arts – one of the most prolific names in the console gaming space. Providing access to a growing library range of its titles for a flat $4.99 monthly fee, the service can offer unrivaled value to Xbox One gamers. Early access to EA published games, free “Vault” titles and store discounts are all welcome for many, but the service isn’t for everyone.

While it’s relatively easy to cancel your subscription, Microsoft doesn’t offer a native route on the Xbox One. Instead, you’ll need to dig through your account settings on the web and disable auto-renewal. These are the steps to finding your EA Access subscription settings and how to prevent paying for future renewals for the service.

Is an EA Access on Xbox subscription worth the price?

How to disable auto-renew for EA Access

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