How Blizzard can ensure Overwatch's future success


Overwatch is now nearly two years old, so Blizzard needs to make sure there are reasons to keep playing. Here’s how it can do just that.

Few games have as much of an explosive impact on the gaming community as Overwatch has had. Between millions of concurrent players, countless works of fan art, a wide range of merchandise and more, it’s undeniable that Blizzard’s hero shooter has become a household name in modern gaming culture.

Despite this, the game is only a few months away from its second birthday, and typically many players leave aging titles in search of new experiences. However, if one of Overwatch’s biggest inspirations, Team Fortress 2, is still one of the most played PC titles a decade after its release, surely Overwatch can achieve longevity. Here are a few ways Blizzard can pull that off.

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