Here's a look at Conan Exiles on Xbox One ahead of its debut on August 16


Conan Exiles is an epic crafting and survival game from Funcom, and it’s coming exclusively to Xbox One on consoles for its Game Preview.

From August 16, 2017, Xbox players will be able to jump into the mystical world of Hyboria, where monsters, angry gods and general-purpose violence are common place.

In Conan Exiles, you play as a customizable character left to die in a desert wasteland. As a full-blown open world survival game, maintaining thirst, hunger, and staying warm will all play a part in your ability to stay alive in the game’s vast open world, which was recently expanded to include the Skyrim-like landmass in an update called The Frozen North.

Xbox players will be able to join the fun on August 16, in what Funcom has described as “Phase 2” of its Early Access journey, as they head towards a planned early-2018 launch date.

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